Outfits Under $100: How to Turn Your Swimsuit into a Cute Outfit

Go from beach to boardwalk without worrying about changing!

You know that feeling when you’re at the beach, and you start craving curly fries but you’re not sure whether or not you can just walk into that nearest restaurant in your bathing suit? Well, with these outfits, you can spend your perfect fry-filled day at the beach without having to worry about changing every few hours!

Trop It Like It’s Hot – $99.49

Products: Bikini | Shorts | Wedges | Sunglasses

This outfit screams summer with its tropical print bikini top. The bustier looks like a trendy and modern crop top for everyday wear especially when paired with these black high-waisted short with a cute scalloped hem. Put on these pastel pink sunglasses and black espadrille wedges, and you’ll be able to go from reading poolside to your evening dinner with ease.    

Ruffled Up – $85.89

Products: Swimsuit | Skirt | Shoes | Tote bag

Can you tell I love all things scalloped? I paired this blush scalloped skirt with this ruffled one-piece. It doubles as a bodysuit so have no fear – you won’t be pulling a Marilyn Monroe here. Carry your life’s belongings (“I probably don’t need to bring a back-up lip balm and a third phone charger but JUST IN CASE.”) in a fashionable tote bag that matches your shoes. These srappy espadrilles are the perfect blend between beachy vibes and the lace-up trend (which I am obsessed with), so you can make sandcastles in the sand, watch hours of work wash away within minutes, and then grab some ice cream on the boardwalk after!

Peek-a-Boo – $88.79

Products: Bikini | Shirt | Jeans | Shoes | Hairband

This outfit is for the thrill-seeker who hops from water rides to amusement parks to the arcade, all in a day’s work. Wear a loose fitting plain white tee with this strappy bikini top peeking through and these cuffed jeans that feature the perfect amount of distress. Slip on these tan canvas shoes and hold your hair back with this hair band so you can run from place to place. This look is simple, practical, and so effortlessly chic.

What is your beach outfit for this summer?

Which of these outfits describes your favorite summer activities the best? Do you prefer resorts, beaches, or water rides? Let me know in the comments below!

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