#TBT Fashion Inspiration: Legally Blonde

Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed.

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Just last week the iconic feminist chick-flick, Legally Blonde, turned 15 years old! Elle serves as an inspiration to us all, and not only for some serious fashion inspo. Defying the odds and ignoring the haters, Elle graduates top of her class from Harvard Law. Along the way, she gives us some major quote-worthy scenes (“Bend and Snap” anyone?) that make this movie timeless. 

So in honor of Legally Blonde’s 15th anniversary. Let’s see how we can channel our inner Elle Woods. (What, like it’s hard?)

Elle Woods 

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Where would Elle be without her signature pink? Here we can see some major early-2000s style.. and it’s amazing. While you might not be feeling bold enough to rock this exact look, here’s a way to put a modern twist on it. Whether you’re heading to class, shopping, or getting a mani-pedi like Elle, this outfit works for any plans you have for your “perfect day.”

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While she may just seem like Elle’s manicurist, Paulette is so much more. Throughout the movie she is always there for Elle and manages to be her biggest supporter when times are tough. In return, Elle helps her try and win over the local UPS guy with the famous “Bend and Snap.” 

Here’s a way you can rock that signature denim-on-denim Paulette look without overdoing it. Hey, maybe you’ll meet a dreamy delivery guy? Fingers crossed.

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Ah, Vivian Kensington, Elle’s worst nightmare. Vivian may be dating Elle’s former man, but in the end they end up bonding over it (yay, girl power!). While Vivian makes Elle’s transition to Harvard Law a little rough at first, they soon overcome their differences. Their styles may be opposites, but they realize they have no reason to really hate each other. 

Vivian has a more classic, sophisticated look than Elle. Typically rocking neutrals and pearls, Vivian manages to always look polished. 

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Wrongly accused of her husband’s murder, Brooke quickly becomes a key actor in Elle’s blooming law career. Brooke, a fellow Delta Nu, believes in Elle and trusts her judgement, despite others seeing her as just a dumb blonde. 

Here you can see Brooke’s fierce courtroom look. While this may not be one’s ideal courtroom attire, it definitely works for a chic and fun night out. 

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Do you love Legally Blonde as much as I do? What’s your favorite look? Let’s discuss in the comments!

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