Six Girls, One Closet: The Surprising Truth About Living with Lots of Ladies

It’s nerve wracking to live with so many ladies, but they will always surprise and teach you in their own way.

As I neared the end of my sophomore year it was time I made the big move: off-campus housing

To me it sounded great: more freedom and my very own room! I was even invited to live in a house with girls I was already pretty close with.

But, then came that large number. I would be living with six women under one roof. Six people is a lot. Sounds like a giant blowout just waiting to happen, right?

The truth is that it might sound scary to live with that many women, but thankfully my experience has proven to be anything but.

Instead I have found women who have helped me grow into myself without growing up too much. They have each taught me something new in their own way. 

Still not convinced? Here’s the truth about living with six other women, and why you should consider living off campus with your girlfriends:

1. Six sisters, one closet

If you’re anything like me your newest clothes will never be new enough and you never have all the stuff you really want. Lucky for you living with lots of women allows for an endless supply of clothing to try on, and new goods to try out! 

Bonus: Getting ready for a party, a date, or a night out will turn into a party of its own every time. Jamming out to good tunes, swapping clothes, making a mess, and just having a good time.

2. There will always be something to do 

Even when there isn’t, you won’t be doing ‘nothing’ alone. There will never be a dull moment when living with such a large group of women. 

In my experience this has been great for me. As someone who gets stuck inside my own head often, it is so easy to just stay in and do nothing, when what I really need is to have some fun. My girls do that for me! 

3. They will REALLY know you 

You don’t really know someone until you live with them, and living in such close quarters really allows you to get to know people in a whole different way. 

You will gain new respects and deeper friendships, and they will do the same with you. They will become the people who know your absolutely weird self and what is on your mind, knowing just what you need to at any given moment.

4. It’s a learning experience

Each woman will teach you something new in their own way. Whether it’s how to properly clean a hardwood floor, or knowing that some nights just need to end with wine and chatter, everyone has a lesson for you… and you for them! You will become a different person by being surrounded by different people.

I am most thankful for what my house-mates in particular in what they have each taught me:

  • Xixi has taught me that saying an automatic no to new experiences is an absolute no-no, and being fearless in trying new things is a must!
  • Ann has taught me the importance of knowing what you want and what you deserve.
  • Kenz has taught me to be independent and to treat each day as an adventure.
  • Shannon has taught me that good music and funny Vines can absolutely cure any bad mood, no matter the reason you are struggling. 
  • Bri has taught me how to me a good leader, whether it’s in the house, within my sorority, or in life. 
My beautiful house mates (L-R): Kate (me), Shannon, Ann, Xixi, Kenz, and Bri.

Living with lots of ladies is not always easy but for these reasons and many more it is worth it! 

I have been so blessed to have found a home with the women I live with. They have risen to every occasion, proving not only be great housemates, but great friends as well.

So you ask, my main reasons for loving my living situation? 

Xixi, Ann, Bri, Kenz, and Shannon. 

I want to hear from you in the comments below! 

Do you live off campus with your girlfriends? How has it been for you? What have you learned?

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