The Fabulous Lives and Colors of These Three Monochromatic Women

For some people, monochromatic style is just a trend. For others, it’s a lifestyle.

You probably have a favorite color and might have painted your room that color or even purchased a car in your favorite color… but would you commit to revolving your lifestyle around only that one color

Kitten Kay Sera, Ella London, and Elizabeth Sweetheart have taken their favorite colors to the next level and completely immersed themselves with them through their living space and style. Learn about why they choose the colors they love and what lead them to becoming Monochromatics!

Kitten Kay Sera – The Pink Lady of Hollywood

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“Why not be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons?” – Kitten Kay Sera 

Kitten Kay Sera lives in our Barbie’s life-sized fantasy dream apartment with everything layered in shades of bubblegum pink, flamingo, magenta, blush, fuchsia, and rose. Her hair is dyed pink… as is her Maltese, Miss Kisses. (Don’t worry, Kay Sera uses beet juice dye as a non-toxic way to keep Miss Kisses’ special hue.)

Kay Sera’s pink obsession started in 1980, on her 20th birthday. To celebrate the occasion, she dressed in pink head to toe. She loved it so much that she hasn’t worn another color since. 

Originally from Houston, Texas, Kay Sera sold her pink Barracuda car to pay for her move to West Hollywood. She knew Hollywood was the perfect place to embrace her eccentric style and to further her career as an actress and singer.

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Pink is Kay Sera’s color of choice because it’s feminine, glamorous, and what she feels most beautiful in. You can find her in any style from ’60s mod to Western cool with glittery makeup, rhinestone encrusted ensembles, feather boas, lavish dresses or leather jackets… as long as they’re in her color, pink! 

You do have to commend Kay Sera for her creativity when it comes to being the pinkest person in the world. The message she shares with others is to revel in your individuality, do what makes you happy, and never be afraid to flaunt what makes you special.

Nowadays, Kay Sera makes a living from her pink persona by writing books, making guest appearances, and playing herself in films. 

Ella London – A Dose of Sunshine

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“If you were to choose a color with literally every meeting under the sun, it would be yellow!” – Ella London

Ella London is a Marketing Strategist who resides in Los Angeles, California and has worn yellow every day since 2012.

After Ella and her fiance decided that yellow would be the color scheme of their wedding to pay tribute to her father she lost as a child, Ella grew attached to the color. 

Ella, being from England, says she loves the cheekiness of yellow and being greeted by an array of yellow decorations in her home is like a being given a dose of sunshine and happiness.

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Last year, Ella completed a 365-day Instagram Challenge where she documented her completely yellow lifestyle. She even appeared at the 2018 Downtown LA Women’s March to spread her love of the color and show off her sunshiney personality. 

Elizabeth Sweetheart – The Jolly Green Lady of Brooklyn

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“The way I dress makes other people smile, and say ‘Oh, The Green Lady!'” – Elizabeth Sweetheart

For Elizabeth Sweetheart in Brooklyn, New York, every day looks like Saint Patrick’s Day. Just like Kay Sera and Ella London, Sweetheart’s apartment is of a monochromatic color scheme.

It’s hard not to like Sweetheart with her contagious positive personality, hippie vibe, and love of overalls.   

Sweetheart’s love of green stems from her past. She grew up in the small coal-mining town of Nova Scotia, Canada, where she was raised by her grandparents amidst the green hues of the forest. Sweetheart’s grandmother taught her to paint and make clothing which solidified her love of art. 

Not being able to find work in the coal-mining town due to lack of jobs, Sweetheart hitchhiked to New York in 1964. She found work at a garment center in the art department located in the Fashion District of Manhattan. 

In 1987, Sweetheart created the design company, SweetPea Design Studio, which she managed for 15 years. She later ran a small business selling a collection of hand-crafted vintage design fabrics. As a fine artist, Sweetheart created hand-painted prints for top designers such as Michael Kors, Liz Claiborne, Calvin Klein, and American Eagle Outfitters, with her signature design being tiny, finely painted watercolors. 

Sweetheart mainly attributes her love of green to missing the green surroundings back in Nova Scotia. By immersing herself in green, she feels closer to nature. 

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Today, if you spot Sweetheart in the Lower East Side, she would be more than happy to take a selfie with you. She gets a kick out of being recognized as “The Green Lady” and her Instagram is full of selfies of people who stop her on the streets.   

What Do You Think?

Kay Sera, London, and Sweetheart have different backgrounds and professions but share a unique lifestyle dedicated to their favorite color. Do you love it or not? Let us know your opinion in the comments!

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