Video Game Fashion: Clock Tower

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This horror classic is great inspo for sweet, preppy looks.

The original Clock Tower game

Before the days of Resident Evil and Silent HillClock Tower was the game that sent chills down everyone’s spine. Developed in 1995 in Japan and ported to the United States in 1996, Clock Tower is a point-and-click adventure game that revolves around a young woman trying to escape a maniac wielding a giant pair of scissors.

After the huge success from the first game, it wasn’t long before a sequel arrived. Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within was released in 1998 and a franchise was born. 

For this week’s Video Game Fashion, I’m doing things a little differently. Instead of grabbing inspiration from three different characters in the game, I’m going to cover the different protagonists of all three Clock Tower games:

Jennifer Simpson

Jennifer Simpson is the protagonist of the original Clock Tower game. She’s quite sweet, innocent and polite up until the events of the first game. Fun fact: Most of her her character design is based off of Jennifer Connelly in Phenomena. Jennifer’s outfit typically consists of a blue pinafore, a white button-up, socks, and penny loafers. 

If you’re looking to replicate Jennifer’s casual schoolgirl attire, throw on a navy corduroy dress and a white, long-sleeved, choker-neck blouse. Grab a pair of lacy thigh-high shocks and some navy, lace-up platform boots for an edgy twist on Jennifer’s simple style. Last but not least, add a lacy white headband to finish off the look.

Products: Blouse – Boohoo, Pinafore – Topshop, Socks – Urban Outfitters, Boots – Nordstrom Rack, Headband – Nordstrom

Alyssa Hale

Alyssa Hale is the main character of Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within. Unlike the previous game, this one doesn’t have our main character running from a maniac with scissors: Instead, there’s a paranormal theme involved. Alyssa is a quiet, sad girl with a strong intuition. Her outfit typically consists of a green blazer, a white skirt, and an orange necktie. 

To create a look like Alyssa’s, swap her blazer for a frilly, lacy dress with long sleeves. Throw on a pair of marled thigh-high socks and some black patent leather loafers to keep up the schoolgirl vibe. To tie the look together, grab one of Alyssa’s signature orange headbands along with a matching, bright orange bag.

Products: Dress – Zara, Socks – Peony and Moss, Loafers – Mango, Bag – Buxton, Headband – Amazon

Alyssa Hamilton

Alyssa Hamilton is the protagonist of Clock Tower 3, the third and final Clock Tower game. On first glance, she’s just your average school girl, as evidenced by her green blazer, white button-up, plaid skirt and loafers. However, there’s much more to Alyssa than you’d expect. 

To put a modern twist on this traditional schoolgirl outfit, I replaced the blazer with a bright green sweater. I kept the plaid skirt and the long socks, but I went for a grey pair instead of Alyssa’s traditional white ones. Lastly, I opted for some cut-out brown ankle booties with a light blue cross-body bag.

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What do you think?

What is your favorite of the Clock Tower games? Did they scare you or did you find them boring? Which outfit do you like the most? And most importantly, would you like to see next time on Video Game Fashion?

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