Weekly Crossover: Blake Lively x Rihanna

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Two legendary fashion icons cross style vibes.

What will happen when we take Blake Lively’s cheerful and feminine style and mix it with Rihanna’s badass chick persona? Let’s find out in this week’s Weekly Crossover!

Blake + Rihanna, Round 1:

Photos via Elle

We begin with these two looks, each of which represents its wearer’s style vibe. Blake looks pretty and polished in a satin shorts suit and tights, while Rihanna looks ultra-cool and unexpected in a patch-covered leather jacket and skinny jeans with bright white boots.

Look #1: Time For Class

Products: Backpack, Shoes, Jacket, Earrings, Pants

The classic school blazer makes any outfit preppy – wear it over any basic tee for a look that’s oh-so Blake. The backpack is fun and you can easily stick more patches or buttons on it, inspired by Rihanna’s jacket. Or you can add patches to the jacket and make it totally unique. 

I intended this as an outfit for class, but you could easily wear it to after-class activities. Just substitute the booties (a la Blake) for sneakers (make ’em Pumas for a look that’s so RiRi). 

Look #2: Social Gathering

Products: Shirt, Bag, Tights, Bracelets, Shorts

I love the idea of pairing shorts with tights! I do it all the time and it’s a great way to re-use your summer staples in the winter months.

To get this look, start with any pair of tights – you could go for black tights for Blake’s vibe or channel Rihanna’s bold style with colored or patterned tights. I chose red because it reminds me of the holiday season. The black and red color scheme was inspired by Rihanna’s outfit, while the neat vibe of it was inspired by Blake. Grab a polished satchel for another hint of Blake and add bangles for a little more RiRi.

Blake + Rihanna, Round 2:

Photo Credit: Elle

In these two looks, each woman is rocking a bolder color scheme. Blake is keeping things feminine with lavender and a pink lip, while Rihanna is sporty-cool in green track pants and a pop of red. But how will these looks mix?

Look #3: First Date

Products: Shirt, Nail Polish, Skirt, Heels, Earrings, Ring

This sweet and girly look is fun and unique, with a bit of a Carrie Bradshaw vibe. I took Rihanna’s t-shirt and Blake’s feminine pieces to create something quirky and unexpected. You can pair any t-shirt with a like this (tucked or untucked). Add cool oversized earrings and a layered ring, and don’t forget the dark red nail polish to romanticize any outfit! Finish with pointy pumps like Blake’s.

Look #4: Out for a jog!

Products: Hoodie, Shoes, Hat, Backpack, Pants

For this final outfit, I took Blake’s head-to-toe pink look and meshed it with Rihanna’s laid back, sporty vibe for a look that’s perfect for studying around the dorm or running errands.

In case you haven’t heard, Juicy track suits have officially returned. I don’t know if you love them or hate them, but I love them! They are perfect for running errands or jogging in chilly weather. They’re also super comfortable if you just want to lounge around in your dorm or apartment. 

When you’ve got a matching set, all you have to do is add a couple accessories. Here, I assumed you’d be rocking the tracksuit for athletics and accessorized accordingly. The backpack holds your water, iPhone, snacks, and any other essential items. Wear good sneakers (like this in Rihanna’s green color) for running.


Which look was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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